Living on an Island

Living on an island in your mind: Someone who read my book sent me a letter and told me how my book set them free from living on an island in their mind. An island is a lonely place that isolates you from having little or no direct communication with others. Living on an island traps you into thinking that you don't need help with your struggle or “I don't want to bother anyone syndrome”, and the “I got this”. Well guess what? Living on an island in your minds affords you the great gift of “personalizing” your problems, which in turn causes a ripple effect because what you thought you could “personalize and isolate” or (handle) all by yourself has now effected everything and everyone around you! You are in a downward spiral and you can’t see it nor can you recognize its existence because you are on an island!

You see the key point you are missing is that no man or woman is an island and your issue is not personal at all, you and your problem have now become a distraction and people are carrying your stuff all because you want to be an island. You are miserable and you make those around you miserable!

Asking for help never made me weak, it made me strong. It made me realize that I'm fragile and that God uses people to help me grow and to correct, guide, and encourage me. So thankful I came off my island, boy was I miserable! Living on an island made me sad, lonely, bitter, unthankful, and nasty! Now let me ask you...How is that working out for you!

Come off your island there is so much waiting for you!




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