The Journey

How many times have you planned a vacation weeks or months in advance only to end up late for your flight, forgetting your toothbrush, or running short on money?

Webster defines the word journey as: The act of traveling from one place to another, especially when involving a considerable distance; a trip.

It takes time to go on a journey, it takes planning, and yes it involves obstacles. Once you get to your destination, you find out that it was all worth it. To sit on the beach, to be off work for a week or two, to finally get married, or to finally have children. No matter what you experience on the journey learn to breathe through it and enjoy the journey. You are traveling from one place to another and at the end of the journey awaits a prize worth having. YOU!!! The stronger YOU, the wiser YOU, the happier YOU.

Enjoy the journey…#noregrets

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