"Life is so much more beautiful when you can look deep within." Have a serious talk with yourself about your character and motives."


—  Pastor Barbara Palmer



Everyone experiences difficulties and struggles in life. Some situations can be detrimental and life threatening. This book takes you through a true life story of a woman of God who had to weather many storms and was given supernatural strength from God to endure and overcome. 

Have you really been a friend or have you forgotten what the word means?  Women you know we can be so catty, especially us in the church.  We are the very ones who say we love one another, yet in turn destroy each other.  I know as I have been guilty of it a few times myself. It’s not always about you every waking moment of every day.  Pickup up the phones sometimes and just say I was thinking of you today.  Text sometimes and say enjoy your day, or send a note that simply read I love you.  That’s what friends do.  Let’s stop rolling our eyes at each other, competing against each other, being super spiritual to prove a point! Let’s just be!!!  FRIENDS

Pastor Barbara A. Palmer